Sunday, December 4, 2011


We landed in Barbados on Sunday, November 20th.  It was kind of bittersweet.  On one hand, I was pretty tired of puking due to seasickness.  I was kind of ready to get off vacation, too.  On the other hand, I love an adventure and the people on our cruise were a fun crowd.  Moreover, SeaDream has a great crew!  I knew I would actually miss a few of them.

We had to be off the boat at 10:00am, so a bunch of us sat in the salon until then.  A group of Norwegians actually ordered champagne to drink in the last minutes before the witching hour.  Some people exchanged email addresses.  Just last night, I got an email from a couple we met who sent us pictures.  I haven't looked at them because I honestly hate the way I look on film.  My husband caught a glimpse of them and said they weren't worth seeing.

The couple who took those pictures were kind of interesting, anyway.  The male half actually offered to take a shot of me in my bathing suit!  Most women would rather not have pictures taken when they're in a bathing suit, especially when they're "fluffy".  I wondered what he expected me to do with the picture... put it on my refrigerator?  I also noticed that this particular guy had a habit of making little "digs" at people.  It was like he was a bit insecure.

In any case, it was sad to leave SeaDream... but very telling what a wonderful crew they were when several of the staff members gave me hugs and kisses!  I guess for the cost of the fare, that kind of endearment isn't too out of line!  Seriously, though, I really felt like I was leaving friends in some of the staff.  That's what will keep me coming back to SeaDream time and again.

Several of us went to the Hilton Barbados to pass some time.  My husband and I were planning to stay a couple of nights, while a few of the Brits were flying out of Barbados later that day.  Hilton Barbados is a pretty nice hotel.  There are a couple of pools, a beach, restaurants, and very comfortable rooms.  I would have liked to have stayed longer.  Maybe someday I can go back to Barbados and explore it some more.

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