Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our cruise, part three...

November 16th, we were in St. Lucia.  It was our anniversary, so I was pretty excited.  I wasn't that impressed with our first port, Rodney Bay, because it turned out to be a little shopping area and a bunch of guys wanting to sell taxi rides.  Since we only had a few hours at this port, I didn't want to chance going somewhere.  I had been looking at booking a tour of the island, but it turned out our ship would be in Soufriere later that day.  And then my husband couldn't get any cash out of the ATM, so we were fucked anyway.

After walking around the port area very briefly, we went back to the ship and I went swimming again.  I guess we were just there for the people who were taking the helicopter tour.  Around noon, we started heading for Soufriere, which is the town closest to the Pitons, two mountains that look a little like ice cream cones.

Another couple introduced themselves.  It turned out they were beer fans and wanted to try the local brew. The cruise director warned us that the area was slightly sketchy and it wouldn't be wise to walk around with a lot of jewelry or cash.  Nevertheless, we found a cool, hole in the wall bar, where we were able to taste the local beer...

Anyway, it wasn't bad... it was better than Beast, anyway.

That night, we enjoyed a fabulous anniversary meal.  We scored a great private table outside and got great service from Jose, the world's most adorable waiter.  My husband bought some tasty champagne that was older than our nine year old marriage.  After dessert, they presented us with a cake, which we had delivered to our stateroom.  We were too full to eat it.  And then we didn't have silverware, nor did we have a place to put the cake, so we only got to eat a couple of bites of it.

But it was still a wonderful anniversary.  We weren't the only ones celebrating, either.  It turned out the mustachioed dad's daughter was also celebrating an anniversary, albeit with the whole family.  I heard them talking about how Dom Perignon was so yummy.  I've had Dom before... it's for sure tasty champagne, but I think it's a bit overrated... That's just me, though.

Our cabin stewardess decorated our stateroom, too... and of course, I got to sing to my husband.  It was a very memorable night.

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