Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our cruise... part one

So... I have posted about our SeaDream cruise in other places, but I figure it's only right to post about it on my blog, too.  After all, here I can be snarky about it if I want to.  Not that I will snark a lot, of course.  We had a fantastic time, even though I threw up several times owing to seasickness.  I would much rather throw up from drinking too much than seasickness.

Anyway, after a couple of days spent in lovely Antigua, my husband and I boarded the SeaDream yacht on the afternoon of Sunday, November 13th.  We had been fretting about making the cruise in time, mainly because we took a speedboat excursion around Antigua and weren't sure about the logistics of picking up our luggage.  That, and we were so looking forward to this cruise.  We cruised this line once before in 2010 and we had an incredible time, and I had been counting down since January for our next SeaDream.  So we were glad to be back, and the crew seemed to welcome us back, right from the very beginning, when they spotted us hauling our bags to the yacht.  A very helpful baggage handler actually smiled as he relieved me of my suitcase.  I don't know what SeaDream does to make their staff so congenial, but they must do something.  This was a happy bunch.

We walked on the red carpet and climbed the gangway to shake hands with the captain and other staff, took a glass of bubbly and a cool washcloth, and headed for our stateroom.  We were both in dire need of showers.  After freshening up, we headed to the Top of the Yacht bar, where I exclaimed "This man needs a martini!"  The bartender gave me a disinterested look and went back to slicing his limes.  I was slightly taken aback by the aloof reception.  Later in the week, I found out the bartender was just kind of quiet and shy.  He took great care of our beverage needs.

We met several other passengers, including a charming British couple and a very snarky British man who had decided to cruise by himself after having lost his wife to cancer.   While we were talking a very tan man with a huge black mustache walked by.  His slender blonde wife was in tow.  I noticed the wife had enormous boobs.  Upon closer inspection, I could tell they were not real.  This was a couple that appeared to want to attract attention, yet not actually engage with anyone.  I have no idea what they did for a living, though we had actually sat next to their son on the flight to Antigua.  He mentioned that they were involved in consulting of some sort.  Anyway, their family of nine was on the yacht.  Besides the couple, there were four adult children, three of whom had spouses.

As the man with the mustache walked by, one of the Brits commented that his mustache looked like an overgrown caterpillar.  I had to laugh at that.  It was an astute observation.

After a drink and the muster drill, we were ready to get dressed for dinner.  I had forgotten how fancy SeaDream's dinners are.  The hotel manager escorted me to a nice table by the window.  While we were enjoying a very pleasant meal that included sorbet, a lady from the big family approached me and said she recognized me from a forum I post on.  Apparently, she had been following my posts about the upcoming cruise.  Way to feel like a celebrity, huh?

Once dinner was over, it was time to hit the piano bar, where I sang to my husband.  I actually have a pretty nice voice.  It's one of my few true talents.  One of the Brits joined us... he was a bit drunk.  He asked my husband if he knew I could sing.  My husband nodded affirmatively.  Then the three of us proceeded to get pretty hammered while the piano player played hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  It was a lot of fun.

To be continued when I'm in the mood to write more...

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