Friday, November 25, 2011

Fabulous vacation...

And I'm still pretty busy, catching up with stuff that needs to be done because I wasn't around to do it last week.  We had such a great vacation, despite the fact that I did a lot of hurling.  Unfortunately, I have a tendency to get seasick.  But never mind that.  Our vacation was amazing and I'm grateful we were able to take it.  The staff on SeaDream's ships are truly phenomenal.  They made us feel like friends rather than passengers.  We pre-booked another cruise with them, which we will probably take in 2013.  Hopefully, it will be in Europe.

As for now, we are counting down the days until we go to Scotland.  Something tells me I'm going to love that experience, too.  If it weren't for travel, I probably would be truly miserable.


  1. Awesome! Scotland would be quite a big change from the tropical island. Thanks for sharing your wanderlust with us, Knotty. :oD I'm pretty stuck on the continental USA for the next few years, so I love getting to virtual travel with your posts!


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