Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First half of the crown procedure is done...

I was really nervous when I went in to the dentist's office.  I had a chat with the dentist and she convinced me I needed to get the crown replaced because it had decay behind it.  Then, she and her very calm hygienist had a heck of a time getting the crown off my molar.

After a good hour of scraping, drilling, and cleaning, the dentist said the decay wasn't that bad and I wouldn't need a root canal.  They took more impressions and stuck a plastic temporary cap on my tooth.  I get the real crown on November 2.  Hopefully, it will fit perfectly and I'll be on my way to the Caribbean 8 days later with a nice clean restoration.

I was very depressed and upset yesterday.  I hate anticipating medical or dental procedures.  I hate thinking about all the things that can go wrong.  But at least this dentist seems very competent.  In fact, I think she's better than the dentist who did the original crown.

I'm just glad that ordeal is over.  Hope I won't be too sore tomorrow.

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