Sunday, October 9, 2011

Damn dental woes continued...

So... last night, I was wondering if the dentist was trying to gyp me, because my tooth wasn't really bothering me.  Then this morning, it was kind of dully achy.  I finally broke out some wine because wine has a lovely way of deadening dental pain.

I was thinking about how much this fucking crown replacement is going to cost, even if my dental insurance doesn't give me any trouble since this crown I have is barely five years old.  $533... after insurance, if insurance decides to pay...  It sucks.  And that's only if I don't end up needing a fucking root canal.

My tooth doesn't hurt that much.  It's more annoying than anything else.  A little wine covers up the discomfort quite nicely, which probably means it's a good thing I'm taking action now.  But of all the shitty times for a crown to go bad...  Hopefully, all will be better by November 10.  That's when we're outta here on vacation.

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