Sunday, September 11, 2011

The creepiest PSA about sexual abuse I have ever seen...

I know it's the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and everybody's blogging about that.  But I'm all about doing something different and today I want to blog about a German PSA about sexual abuse.

I actually found this PSA a couple of years ago when I was living abroad.  It makes my skin crawl to watch this.  It's basically about how sexual abuse affects children who never get help.  The girl in this video grows up and gets old.  But her whole life, she is bound by a repulsive tentacle that alternately resembles a penis, a snake, and someone's arm.  It's with her all the time, when she's studying, on dates, at play, at dinner parties, even in the nursing home.  It ruins every moment and intrudes in every intimate contact, inserting itself every time the girl tries to move on from the abuse.

This PSA is not pleasant to watch.  In fact, watching it makes me feel dirty and uncomfortable.  And yet I am awestruck by how effective this PSA is.  It really makes an effective point about how sexual abuse ruins lives.  We would never see a PSA like this in America... and yet so many of us need the reminder.

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