Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wolves in sheep's clothing...

Last night, my dear spouse was doing some creative Googling of his former stepson.  He found him listed on the Wedding Channel with his longtime girlfriend.  But when he went to click on the link for their page, it wasn't found.  I remember meeting the girlfriend a few years ago and it was pretty clear even then that she hoped to get married.  For all I know, she put up the page in a fit of wishful thinking.  Or maybe they are going to get married.  If so, I hope she knows what she's in for.  This is the same young man who used my husband for years and then tried to screw him over.  And he appears to be following closely in his mother's footsteps.

It's always best to be wary of wolves in sheep's clothing.  The people who are all just a little too nice and too plastique often end up being the ones who will screw you over.

I was talking to my husband this morning about this development he discovered.  I have a feeling that my husband's former wife and stepson hate me for a lot of reasons.  But the main reason I think they hate me is because I can see them clearly.  I never got the chance to develop much of a relationship with my husband's kids or ex-stepson, so I was never charmed by them.  I never grew to love them like everyone else in the family does.  I have only seen the hurtful things they've done; I have never seen their more endearing sides.

When things started to get really fishy, I did some checking and uncovered former stepson's ugly misdeeds.  After that, it became pretty clear to me what he was all about.  A lot of the things he said turned out to be half-truths.  A lot of the "impressive" things he did turned out to be creatively constructed in a way that made them look better than they really were.  Just like his mother, this young man aspires to be someone that deep down he's not...  a person with a character and an intellect worthy of respect.

He's usually able to snow people, at least at first.  He has a "nice personality"... or at least it seems that way.  But spend any time around him and you'll start to see another side of that personality... one that tries to "get over" on others who are willing to trust him.  He's a wolf in sheep's clothing and someone to avoid.  The book below was specifically written for people who have to deal with the likes of him.

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