Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're going to Scotland...

Travel has become a very important part of my life.  Since I can't be a mother and my career aspirations have sort of gone down the toilet, I'm making it my mission to see as much of the world as I can, while I still can.

My mom, who is tending my dad in his last years, reminded me the other day how short life is.  She and my dad have enjoyed a full life, full of kids, work, and travel.  But they are both now elderly and my dad is no longer in any shape to travel.  Travel was always one of my mom's passions and now she can't do it anymore because she has to look after my father.

I am still relatively young and healthy.  So is my husband.  Since his kids have disowned him, we have no responsibilities toward them or the grandchildren that will probably come soon.  I know some people would tell us we should be pining for them, waiting for them to show up and forgive their dad.  But he has a life and so do I.  He did not disown them; they disowned him.  So we're going to enjoy life and travel, which is something we both love to do.

This year, we're going to the southern Caribbean to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  Next year, we're going to Scotland.  I am excited about the Caribbean trip, but I find myself even more excited about the prospect of going to Scotland.  My people are mostly Scottish, with a smattering of English, German, and probably some Irish.  My husband's people are mostly Irish, with a smattering of Dutch and English.  We've both been all over Europe, but we haven't been to Scotland.  The opportunity to cruise on the Hebridean Princess arose and I jumped on it.

We're doing two back to back 5 day cruises all around the Inverclyde region of Scotland.  Our trip will be in November, which will probably mean the weather will suck and the sun will set in the mid afternoon.  Nevertheless, I look forward to bagpipers and haggis and lots of whisky.  I look forward to ten magical nights to celebrate ten magical years of marriage next year.  Our time together really has been pretty wonderful for the most part.

It's my goal to do a nice trip like this every year for as long as we're willing and able.  Life is short and the world is big and wonderful.  If I can't spend my life toiling away in a cubicle somewhere or wiping asses and noses, I might as well spend it exploring the world and enjoying all it has to offer... for as long as I can, anyway.

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