Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A surprisingly good Wine.Woot purchase...

A couple of months ago, I was on Wine.Woot! and they were having a Woot! off.  That particular month, they had a bunch of wines from the Cosentino Winery that they needed to unload.   I was intrigued by the 2005 Oakville Estate Cabernet, so I bought it, along with another three pack from Cosentino.

It took over a month for the wine to get to me.  Once it did, I had to deal with a surly UPS guy (Wine.Woot! usually ships FedEx).  And then it turned out that they didn't send the Oakville Estate Cabernet.  Instead, they sent two more bottles of the cheaper wine I had already purchased.  Now, I liked the cheaper wine fine, but it wasn't what I'd ordered and there was a price difference.

So I complained to Wine.Woot.  They promised they would send me the right wine ASAP.  Weeks went by with no word from Cosentino or Wine.Woot!  But then last week, out of the blue, my surly UPS guy showed up with a small package from Cosentino Winery.  Inside, there were two bottles of the Oakville Estate Cabernet.  My spouse and I drank one the other day.  I wasn't even looking forward to it, considering the shipping SNAFU... but then when I took my first sip, magic danced on my tastebuds.  The Cosentino Estate Cabernet was absolutely delicious and complex... with smokey tannins and leathery essences.  It was a pure delight to drink it.  This wine was so much better than the 2005 Cosentino Napa Valley cabernet I bought.  I was shocked by how good it was.

There's one bottle left and I haven't seen more for sale on Cosentino's Web site.  Even though their shipping policies suck ass, I would totally buy more of this wine if I could find it.  This is one wine that was worth the wait!

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