Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is my sweet beagle, Zane.  He loves to jump on my lap and snuggle.  Occasionally, he puts his head between my boobs and gazes at me with frank adoration.  Everyone should be able to enjoy the kind of love a dog can deliver.

This is MacGregor.  He's sort of the senior beagle right now.  Before we got Zane, we had a dog named Flea who was king of the roost.  MacGregor was kind of his sidekick.  But then Flea died and we got Zane, who is  a lot more egalitarian than Flea was.  So now MacGregor is more of a top dog around our house.  He's still pretty spry.  I think Zane keeps him on his toes.

This is Flea.  We had Flea from November 8, 2003 until November 18, 2009.  He was my baby...  Unfortunately, he contracted prostate cancer and had to be put down.  I miss him every day, even if he was a bit of a narcissist.  You'd never know it to look at this photo, but he was loaded with charisma and personality.  He was a very special dog.

And finally, we have CuCullain (CC).  We got him in May 2002 and lost him in October 2003 to a rare mycobacterial infection.  CC was one of the most interesting dogs I've ever known.  I'm pretty sure he was part husky-- look at the eyes and the thick coat.  He was also kind of a loner... friendly, but not especially fond of company.  I was devastated when he got sick.  There will never be another one like him.

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