Monday, July 11, 2011

"You don't have to be mean to the cake..."

Yoplait has come out with a number of new ads for their "dessert" yogurts.  Most of the ads are just slightly annoying as a woman tries to pass the low cal yogurts off as being like real desserts.  One ad got eating disorder activists all up in arms.

Some people said the ad above encourages eating disorders because the woman uses eating disordered thinking to justify having a small piece of that luscious cheesecake.  Another woman comes up and grabs her raspberry cheesecake flavored yogurt, introduces her co-worker to the concept of Yoplait, and goes away.

After the backlash from folks who are sensitive about eating disorders, these ads were pulled.  And now, we have this one...

A grumpy woman at a grocery store snarls at a birthday cake with a bear on it.  Then a nosey store employee comes up and tells her not to be "mean to the cake", since a nice Yoplait can be just as satisfying as a big hunk of birthday cake.  I don't know about that.  I'm not a big fan of yogurt myself, but even if I were, I doubt a small plastic cup of it would stand up to a real dessert.

But such is life when it comes to advertising...

Another ad that makes me cringe are the ones for Jello Temptations, which are treats made by Jello intended for adults.

In this ad, the mom is sitting in a tent with her two kids, one of whom has swiped one of her Jello Temptations.  A dull roar is heard in the background and mom whispers that it "sounds like the choco beast".  She ominously explains to her kids that the monster likes to eat children who steal Jello Temptations from their parents.  We later find out the choco beast is actually the kids' father.  Isn't it just dandy that these kids have a dad who would terrorize them over Jello?

Here's one that embraces the idea of food porn...

And this one about a girl named Olive who "lacks self-control".  Olive stole her mom's Jello Temptations and ends up banished to a coal mine.  

Charming, isn't it?  Is it any wonder we have so many people in our country who have food issues?

When I was a child, my mom would buy big bags of chocolate candy and hide it around the house.  Half the time, I'd find the bags by accident.  It always made me feel kind of shitty that she'd hide things like that.  Understood, she didn't want me to eat her candy for many reasons... One was that she wanted the candy for herself.  The other was that she didn't want me to get fat.  I got fat anyway.

All these ads are yet another clue that maybe it's time to turn off the TV.

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