Saturday, July 16, 2011

Utah clothing boutique tries to combine sexy and modest... and sorta fails

So... last night, my friends on Recovery From Mormonism introduced me to a Utah based women's boutique called SexyModest.  I was intrigued by the name of the business, so off I went to check it out.  And I have to say, I was kind of amused by what I found.

Checking out the homepage, I noticed that SexyModest's slogan is "Who says you can't be both?"  I immediately noticed that the word "jewelry" was repeatedly misspelled.  Now, anyone can make a typographical mistake, but I counted three instances of this particular typo.  Maybe spelling shouldn't be a big deal, but it does seem that a business owner who wants to be taken seriously should be able to spell the products that are being sold.

Clicking on "Basics", I immediately see another typo.  This time, the word misspelled is "leggings", which is correctly spelled in one instance and misspelled in another.

Curiously, there are two clickable buttons for dresses and skirts.  And when I look at the shirt offerings, I find a model whose dark colored strapless bra I can see through the sheer material.  A "modest tip" suggests wearing a cap sleeved t-shirt underneath, but I'm still wondering why the owner of the Web site didn't take his or her own advice.  A glaring bra that can be clearly seen through a shirt is definitely not modest or sexy.  And what's with all the ruffles?

The store's return policies are especially entertaining.  I guess I can give the owner props for being very specific about the condition returns must be in before he or she will issue a refund or an exchange.

I have to wonder how successful this business venture is, but I see they recently opened a new location in Salt Lake City.  Oh well... what do I know?  

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