Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There must be some misunderstanding between me and the UPS guy...

Last week, I received two shipments courtesy of UPS.  The first shipment was on Wednesday.  I got a beautiful new bar/beverage cart for my husband's birthday.  I also got some wine that I had ordered from Wine.Woot!  The UPS driver made what sounded like a snide comment about the wine.  I was annoyed, but got over it because I was excited about the present I bought for my spouse.

Two days later, I got another wine shipment from Wine.Woot!  That was a surprise, since Wine.Woot! usually ships wine via FedEx and I had not been notified of the shipment.  The FedEx guy had just been at my house a few minutes before the UPS guy came.  He's always friendly and jokes with me about the wine.  The UPS guy, by contrast, has always seemed kind of snarly.  When I went to sign for the package, he quipped "You sure are on a wine kick."  Unfortunately, a representative from our property manager's office was at the house doing an inspection and she was standing right next to me when he made his comment.

I wasn't quite sure how to take the UPS guy's comment, since he wasn't smiling or laughing when he made it.  And I wasn't too happy that he'd said such a thing in front of someone else, as if maybe my husband and I are drunks.  Truth is, we do like our wine and drink a lot of it, but we don't necessarily want other people to know that.

Anyway, I was troubled by the comment and mentioned it to my husband, whose protective instincts went into gear.  He sent a complaint to  They responded by apologizing for the inconvenience and telling my husband to expect a phone call the next day.  My husband did get a call the next day from UPS, but the lady left a voice mail saying that the guy thought we had a rapport and was just joking.  My husband couldn't follow up because the call was made from a blocked cell phone.

Suddenly, I was kind of nervous that my husband had complained.  I like to buy stuff online and was worried that maybe the UPS guy would start screwing with us.  But I needn't have worried.  Yesterday, the UPS guy came by with wine glasses and said he understood he owed me an apology.  He started explaining himself and never gave me much of an opportunity to explain why I was taken aback by his comments.  He was obviously very sincere, though, so I told him not to worry about it and I'd see him next time.

I don't normally like to complain about situations like this one.  However, I guess I'm glad we did in this instance, since now I know the UPS guy isn't unfriendly and judgmental, he's just awkward and lacks communication skills.


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