Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pajama jeans... a tragic collision of poor taste and no style...

Have you seen this ad?  I have.  I have to admit, the prospect of wearing jeans as comfortable as pajama bottoms is very appealing.  However, these pajama jeans are not exactly what I'd have in mind.  The people who made these hideous pants are actually attempting to make the public think they resemble jeans.  And, I guess, if you don't look too hard, they do sorta look like jeans.  I mean, they have pockets and rivets and a fake fly, and if you roll them up, they're lighter colored so they look kinda like jeans inside out.

But let's face it, folks... pajama jeans are a poor substitute for real denim.  Even the relatively thin models on the commercial don't look particularly good in them.  They've tucked in their shirts and the material is so clingy that one can see the bulky outlines of the shirts under the "jeans".  Believe it or not, with denim, it's easier to hide that bulk.

I was curious to find out if anyone had actually bought and worn these jeans, so I consulted YouTube.  Lo and behold, I found these two videos...

This lady seems to like her pajama jeans well enough, although she does bring up some legitimate concerns, like the fact that they attract cat hair and don't look enough like real jeans.  On the other hand, she also never really shows her viewers what they look like, other than a brief shot of the waist area.

I dunno... maybe these "jeans" might be cute enough to wear around the house, but I would hesitate before wearing them in public.  Your mileage may vary.

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