Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leisure Suit Larry... a fond college memory...

I was chatting with an old friend on Facebook this morning and he reminded me of an activity we used to enjoy when we were college students.  We were freshmen; it was 1990; and we were bored.  My friend had a chat with the peer advisor's roommate, who happened to know of a certain 486 computer in a rarely used study hall.  Someone had surreptitiously loaded the original classic 80s era critical thinking game Leisure Suit Larry on the hard drive.

Most people never would have known the game was there, nor would they have known about the animated porno images that were also on the hard drive.  One night, my friend and I went to the old study hall to see if it was really true that Leisure Suit Larry could be played on a college owned computer.  And sure enough, it could.  We loaded up the game on the old black and white computer monitor and had a fine old time trying to get the world's biggest loser laid.  Unfortunately, neither one of us were very good at Leisure Suit Larry and usually ended up being killed after flushing the toilet.

My friend and I lived on single sex floors.  He was on the first floor, which was all guys, and I was on the second floor, which was all girls.  We all hung out together and got along really well.  One crazy night, a bunch of the guys decided they wanted to have a "boxing" match in the Rotunda.  Since we lived in a dorm that connected to the Rotunda, we could go there after it was locked by campus police.

So a couple of the guys brought their boxing gloves and started sparring in the middle of the Rotunda.  A stray punch hit my friend in the head, not enough to hurt him, but enough to stun him.  We were laughing so hard after that little match.

I remember hanging out with friends, sitting around reading trashy stories that we had written, listening to crappy music on tape decks, and just having a good time.  College was fun.  I wish I had appreciated it more at the time.  On the other hand, I wouldn't want to go back to it.

I am gratified to at least still being friends with my old Leisure Suit Larry pal.

To be honest, this one was my favorite...


  1. Ah yes. I used to love the Leisure Suit Larry series, way back with my Dad's Commodore 64 computer.

    Lost touch with the series as it went on, and the last few iterations of it have been memorably bad, from what I've heard.

    And I really miss college life too. But I was a very reserved person back then, so I do wish I could go back and revisit it sometimes, being the kind of person I am now rather than I was back then.

    I love nostalgia!!!

  2. The most recent LSL that still had Al Lowe as a writer was LSL7, "Love For Sail". I thought that one was hilarious. But then they did go downhill because Al Lowe quit the series.


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