Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ann Coulter actually said something I agree with... and the Casey Anthony trial

First, about Ann Coulter...

I don't usually get too excited about things that political pundits say.  In fact, I don't remember ever watching Ann Coulter on television, at least not on purpose.  But the other day, I happened to catch one of her sound bytes.  This time, it was about Catherine, otherwise known as the former Kate Middleton.  Ann Coulter said that Kate is leagues classier than Princess Diana was and is a much better match for Britain's royal family.  To be completely honest, I happen to agree with her.  What??  Someone dared to criticize Diana?  Say it isn't so!

Now... don't get me wrong.  I recognize that Diana was a very charismatic, beautiful woman with many wonderful qualities.  I was sad when she died at age 36.  I was actually in Europe at the time of her death, on my way from Vienna to Venice.  I didn't learn about her death until the next day, when I was in Florence.  I heard her funeral on the radio as I was riding on a train through the French Riviera.  That being said, though, as lovely as Diana was and as many good works as she did when she was alive, it's a well-known fact that Diana had problems.

She was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which is pretty much a guarantee that she was very difficult to live with.  She had eating disorders, which also is pretty much a guarantee that she was difficult to live with.  Yes, she often put on a saintly face in public, but just knowing that she had those two psychiatric problems makes me realize that she was definitely a high conflict person.  There were many indications that Diana was manipulative and wont to cutting off people who didn't give in to her whims.  Granted, she did have a difficult upbringing, and it's obvious that being royal was very difficult for her.  But she was not a saint, nor was she completely innocent.  Diana was human, just like everyone else.  She was a very beautiful and charismatic human, but she was human just the same.

Kate Middleton comes across as so much more mature and stable than Diana ever did.  I know she's only been married to Will for a few months, but I have a feeling that their marriage will be a lot less dramatic than Diana's and Charles' marriage was.  Comparing the two women, I would pick Kate in a heartbeat to be queen.

Switching topics...

I was a little chagrined by the whole Casey Anthony spectacle that went on yesterday.  At 2:15pm, people all over the 'Net were gathering around the telly to see what the verdict of the trial would be.  Seems like so many folks "know" in their hearts that Casey Anthony is guilty.  When she was acquitted of many of the serious charges against her, people all over the 'Net were expressing their disgust that Casey Anthony "got away with murder".

My thinking is this.  I haven't been following the trial.  I don't know Casey Anthony and wasn't sitting in the court room when she was tried.  I was not on the jury.  Whatever I know about her case I know because the media reported it.  I didn't read a lot about the case, so I only know snippets of the facts.  My guess is that a lot of people are like me... they only know what the media has reported.

Now, on the other side of this issue is the darling little girl, Caylee, who lost her life at such a tender age.  It's very tragic that Caylee Anthony is dead, though if her mother is as horrible as people have said she is, maybe it's a blessing.  Because had she lived, she no doubt would have grown up abused, ended up in foster care, or perhaps even both.  Maybe, just maybe, the girl's father could have gotten custody, but given the way family courts tend to bias against fathers, I think it's a long shot.

I don't know what happened in the Casey Anthony situation, but I do think it's interesting that the jury came up with a verdict so wildly different than the court of public opinion.  Perhaps they know something the rest of the world doesn't?  Anyway, I would much rather see a guilty person get off than an innocent person be executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison.

If Casey Anthony is guilty, she will eventually pay for her crime.  If she really is a monster, chances are good that she'll end up in trouble with the law again.  Hopefully, she won't have another child.  As it stands now, I wonder what her life will be like when she gets out of jail for lying to the police.  Will she be able to get a job?  Find a place to live?  Does she have any friends?  I think it's very likely she'll have a tough time of it.

I worry that people are so focused on the emotional side of court cases that they forget that justice is supposed to be fair and impartial.  It's natural that people want justice for Caylee, but I worry that people just want someone to pay no matter what.  I also think that far too many people were seeing this trial as entertainment, rather than an important fixture of the justice system.

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