Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Utah dad dresses in drag to greet his son on the school bus

Yesterday, my sister-in-law posted a link to a news story about a wacky dad from American Fork, Utah who donned a costume every day for the purpose of waving at his son as he rode the school bus.  Initially, the costumes were intended to be a prank, but somehow they became a family project.  Every day, Dale Price put on a different costume and stood on his front lawn.  His wife, Rochelle, snapped a picture and eventually the pictures made it to the family's blog.

All day yesterday, people were buzzing about this man and his costumes, which run the gamut from Disney characters to professional uniforms.  My favorite of the costumes is, of course, the picture of dad sitting on a toilet with a newspaper.  I'm inappropriate that way.  You can see that shot on either link posted above.

I posted about this family on one of my favorite hangouts and the reception was almost all positive, except from one sourpuss, who declared the project stupid and a waste of time.  This poster also had an issue with people who felt the dad was "great" for doing this for his son.  Okay... so maybe the fact that dad dresses in a costume every day doesn't mean that he's a good provider or a good listener.  But it does mean that he has at least a passing thought about his son.  A lot of kids would be jealous of even that.

My take is that this dad really is pretty cool for wearing costumes and waving at his kid.  While the project started out embarrassing, it turned into something fun and the family will probably laugh about it for years to come.  Moreover, a lot of kids out there who would love to have a dad who paid that much attention to them.  Granted, the family doesn't seem to be shying away from publicity and even has a PayPal virtual tip jar on their blog... But hell, why not try to cash in on the publicity?  Times are tough.  At least this family was creative and nothing they did was harmful to anyone else.

Anyway, it seems to me that people could learn a lot from the Price family.  They dared to be silly and goofy and a lot of people appreciate them for it.


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