Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carrie Fisher and Jenny Craig can kiss my big fat ass...

I know Tyra Banks told her detractors to kiss her ass...  I don't usually admire the things Tyra says, but in this case, I'm like "right on, sistah..."

Of course, I'm writing about all the weight loss products people are bombarded with when they watch television.  The one ad that is currently bugging the shit out of me is Carrie Fisher's for Jenny Craig.

I don't think I've ever actually seen Star Wars, so I don't think I've seen Carrie in the famous gold bikini that she's missing now that she's 54 years old and "fat".  Besides, as a heterosexual woman, I don't get any particular joy out of looking at women in bathing suits.  However, I am already pretty sick of seeing Carrie Fisher pitch Jenny Craig.

In any case, I saw the offensive ad last night.  In it, Carrie is wearing the pink top and jeans and talking about how she's slowly making friends with her mirror and finally fitting in her jeans again.

She does a little tap dance and bizarrely sings, "I'm eating Jenny..."

Then she looks dead in the camera lens and says, "Thank you Jenny for giving me the chance to look pretty one more time..." or something to that effect.  That comment is offensive on so many levels.  First of all, it presupposes that all fat people are ugly.  That is not necessarily true.  Secondly, it also presupposes that all thin people are attractive.  And that is not necessarily true, either.

Thirdly, I find Carrie Fisher's thanks to Jenny Craig for making her pretty "one last time" a bit of an ageist comment.  She's 54 years old.  Okay, she's not exactly a spring chicken, but she's not yet elderly.  But again, not all elderly people are ugly.  In fact, I've seen some elderly folks who are downright stunning.  Ever watched TVLand's show, She's Got The Look?  It's a talent search show for models over age 35.  Some of the women on that show are quite lovely.

Anyway, the overwhelming message I get from Carrie Fisher and Jenny Craig is that old, fat people are universally ugly and that the only people who count are thin people.  A lot of Americans seem to have that attitude, but given how many people in America look like Carrie Fisher, I have to say that a lot of folks must really hate themselves.

I struggle with my weight.  I have struggled with it for more years than I'd care to count.  Nevertheless, I have a lovely man in my life who thinks I'm beautiful, both on the inside and the outside.  I used to struggle with disordered eating.  I was thinner in those days, but a lot less happy with my life and a lot less fun to be around.  While I'd still love to be thinner, I think I'd prefer to be happy... or at least not grouchy because I'm hungry.

I actually read Carrie Fisher's book, Wishful Drinking, and thought it was hilarious.  That's the Carrie Fisher I'm attracted to and admire, not Jenny Craig's version of Carrie Fisher, which paints everyone with the same broad brush.  So Carrie Fisher... you're eating Jenny... now eat me.  I feel the same way about you that I do about Kirstie Alley, another actress I once enjoyed before she danced with Jenny Craig.


  1. Reading some of your older entries. LOVE THIS! So very true.

  2. Thanks for reading and for the comment. I'm so glad that ad finally went off the air. Of course, Jenny Craig is only one of the diet industry offenders when it comes to ads. I got pretty damn sick of watching Jennifer Hudson pitching Weight Watchers, too.