Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back from vacation

So, my dear spouse and I had a lovely time in New England.  Neither of us had ever been so far up north before, so our week was full of new discoveries.  Maine reminded me quite a bit of Washington State, except for the New England accents.  We did a lot of eating good food, driving around, and drinking good beer, though we did not combine the drinking and driving.

I spent my birthday sitting on this beach, watching people gingerly test the frigid water.  I did manage to get completely wet, but only after we'd been there awhile.  It was so nice to smell the salt air, feel the sand under my feet, and let the cold water rush around my ankles.  In fact, I noticed one lady giving me a knowing smile when I took off my sandals and sighed at the feeling of the sand massaging my arches.

I ate my first whole lobster on the night of our arrival, which we spent with friends who live in Maine.  We went to a local restaurant situated right on the water.

We enjoyed some beautiful scenery in Maine, especially as we drove up Route 1.  This shot was taken near Kennebunkport.

My husband treated me to a delightful birthday dinner at a restaurant in Cape Elizabeth.  I enjoyed a five course lobster tasting feast.

And we went spent a day in Portland, where we visited Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's house.  Afterwards, we went to a place called Soakology, which offers foot soaks and massages, as well as teas and snacks.  My back was killing me, so I got a Chinese curative foot soak and some spicy peppermint tea.  My husband got a neck and shoulder massage, because he got a sunburn on his feet.  After our blissful spa experience, we ate lunch and then saw Woody Allen's latest film, "Midnight in Paris".  All in all, it was a glorious day.

On our last night in Portland, we decided to avail ourselves of the Manager's Reception in our hotel.  I sat down next to a woman who was drinking cocktails and had ordered surf and turf for dinner.  She tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take her picture.  I did and it turned out nice, so she said she would post it on Facebook.

As we were sitting there enjoying cocktails, the lady sitting next to me struck up a conversation.  We learned that she was an executive who travels a lot.  She asked some rather intrusive questions, then started giving my husband some unsolicited career advice.  The lady had a job that my graduate school education trained me to do.  For the longest time, I've felt kind of guilty for being an overeducated housewife instead of a career woman.  However, after watching this lady, who said she travels all the time on business and has to leave her son and husband at home, I started to see that working in corporate America isn't all its cracked up to be.

I noticed, too, that the woman made a few thinly veiled cracks that made me think that perhaps she might even be a little envious of us.  After all, my husband and I were together on vacation.  She was sitting alone at a hotel bar, downing cheap alcohol, and asking strangers to take pictures of her for Facebook.  And she also asked some rather intrusive and presumptuous questions, like whether or not my husband and I had kids and if we planned to have them.  I usually cringe when people ask that question.  I would love to have a baby with my husband, but unfortunately, he sacrificed his fertility during his first marriage.  Try to explain that to strangers, though.

Anyway, I ended up with some insight after talking to that woman for awhile.  I doubt giving me insight was her intention, though.

Our flights back from New England were pretty rough.  Both were delayed and uncomfortable, certainly less comfortable than our flights up had been.  However, I did find an excellent wine bar at the Newark airport, where I tasted some sensational red wines.

So now I'm back and ready to write some more blog posts... and plan our next adventure.  As an overeducated housewife, I do live to travel!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time! Sounds like a vacation to be envious of.

    One of these days, we'll go on a vacation that's more than just visiting the folks in Iowa. :)

    I can say that here, because Mom will never find it. :)

  2. We used to only do family vacations, until I realized that trips home were more stressful than taking no vacation at all!

  3. LOL well, our family trips aren't as stressful (well, they are, but for different reasons) so we can't really use that reasoning.

  4. Seriously... I love my family, but vacations are for recharging the batteries and a change of scenery. And since my husband's parents are divorced and live in different states, that makes the pressure to visit everyone all the tougher.


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