Monday, May 16, 2011

This week is already off to a better start than last week was...

First off, Aunt Flow has vacated, so I'm feeling better.  Secondly, my spouse is at home this week instead of on a business trip.  Thirdly, the weather is beautiful.  And finally, I'm not processing the bullshit of last week anymore.

It's Monday, which means a fresh start and high hopes.  Sometime this week, I imagine my husband and I will have to trade in our old driver's licenses for new ones.  We'll need new license plates.  That should be a lot of fun to deal with, since we live in a state where we have to take the driver's test.

Last night, we went to a very nice restaurant in a nearby town.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and each other's company.  Too bad I spoiled the drive home by drinking too much water.  There's nothing worse than having to pee like a racehorse on the way home after a night out.

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