Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thanks again, "voice of reason"...

So yesterday, I was in a bit of a mood because of Mother's Day.  I fully accept that this is my issue to deal with.  Perhaps it's best if I don't express my anger at all, because there's always an asshole around to throw salt in the wound.  In my case, the asshole is Ms. Overly Helpful, who can't seem to resist offering me her special brand of "support" whenever I post about my issues.

I know... I know...  I should know better than to vent on a forum where Ms. Overly Helpful can respond.  However, this particular forum is a private messageboard that is supposed to be used for support.  Besides, things have been pretty quiet around there lately.  So I posted about my mom, fully expecting that Ms. OH would eventually open her trap.  And she didn't disappoint me.

I got a couple of constructive comments from actual friends.  I was in the process of venting/processing when I commented that I felt like my mom wants me to visit because "it's the right thing to do, not because she really wants to see me."

Ms. Overly helpful chimes in with the oh so profound, "Perhaps a little of both", then adds a tackle hug smiley.  The implication behind that response seems to be that my feelings are petty, childish, and/or selfish.  I suppose I could have taken the high road and said, "Gee... I never thought of that.  Thanks for the insight, Ms. OH."  But instead, I have to admit that I took the bait and wrote an actual response.

To which Ms. Overly Helpful adds a "there-there" smiley and "I'm sorry you were made to feel that way."

Yeah right, Ms. OH... I can tell you're being really sincere.  Fuck you.  And that's really kinda what I felt like saying to her.  But instead, I wrote "Thank you for feeling my pain."

That response is very likely to annoy her, because she'll no doubt sense my sarcasm and she's "only trying to help."  But at least I didn't use any patronizing smilies to emphasize my point.  

I wish Ms. OH would just leave me alone.


  1. I thought you were leaving that site? Must have been my wish-fulfillment when I responded to your earlier post. :)

    Does the forum have any kind of blocking feature, where you can block users and never see their responses? That would be helpful.

  2. I stayed, mainly because I have other friends there. And the forum does have a blocking feature, but the irritating person is an admin (as am I), so I can't block her.

    That being said, though, I did just delete the person from my Facebook and am now giving serious thought to hanging out somewhere else.


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