Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An odd obsession with the Osmonds...

So... a few days ago, I blogged about Donny and Marie Osmond's weird interview on Joy Behar.  Since then, my blog hits have exploded.  I have gotten a shitload of queries, most of which were for that interview.  A couple of people searched for "Donny was an asshole on Joy Behar".  I have to laugh at that because I quite agree.

Anyway, because I love tacky, kitschy, campy, crappy television from the 1970s and 80s, I started searched YouTube for old Osmond specials.  I found quite a few old gems from the past.  However, while the Osmonds are always kind of fun to watch for the wrong reasons, I think I got the biggest kick out of this video from their Christmas special in 1978...

In this video, all of the Osmond brothers' wives circa 1978 join together in sweatshirts with their husbands' names on them to sing a little ditty.  I guess that was their way of earning their keep as entertainers.  I'm not quite sure what the song and dance had to do with Christmas, but it was oddly entertaining nonetheless.

The wives' performance is followed by a very faked performance of "Dance To The Music" by the "Osmond Family Band".  I have no doubt that the Osmonds are musically talented and some of them can probably actually play those instruments, but it's pretty obvious to me that this number is all an act.  Seems to me that this performance is actually kind of like Mormonism itself.  It looks good on the surface, but watch closely and you start to see some cracks in what initially looks perfect.

Here's another fun performance by the whole family.  Everybody looks pretty well trained, though a few of the wives look like they aren't too interested in lip synching.

And this one really takes the cake...  It kind of reminds me of the Underoos commercials of my youth...

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