Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A grieving father sues his estranged wife for wrongful death...

Several months ago, I blogged about an article I read that stemmed from a writer's assertion that military spouses should have to undergo mental health screenings.  The writer based her opinion on the fact that Julie Scheneker, wife of an Army colonel, had killed their two children in a murderous rage.

For the record, as a military wife, I still bristle at the thought of having to submit to a mandatory mental health screening, especially if it's at the hands of the U.S. military.  However, since the Scheneker clan had been out of the news, I decided to look them up on the Web and see what was happening with their case.  I found this article, which reports that Colonel Scheneker has filed for divorce and is suing his soon to be ex wife for the wrongful deaths of their kids, Calyx and Beau.

Mrs. Scheneker is counter-suing, asking for alimony, her diamond engagement ring, and $40,000 to pay her lawyer.

Upon reading this article, I had two thoughts.  First of all, I think Julie Scheneker has a hell of a lot of nerve asking for money.  She's in the situation she's in because she killed her kids.  Granted, she might very well be suffering from a mental illness, but it seems to me that someone who's crazy doesn't think about asking for thousands of dollars to pay a lawyer or alimony payments.  Moreover, she supposedly decided to buy a gun, then came back after the mandatory two day waiting period and picked it up.  Not long after her purchase, her kids were dead at her hands.  Seems pretty clear to me that the killings were premeditated.  It's not Colonel Scheneker's fault the children died.  He was in Qatar when his kids were killed.  His wife is responsible for their deaths, whether or not she was mentally ill at the time.

The second thought I had was that I don't understand why the good colonel is suing.  OJ Simpson was sued for wrongful death after a jury acquitted him of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  He lost the wrongful death suit, but the punishment was mostly monetary.  Does Julie Scheneker have the financial resources to pay Colonel Scheneker if he wins his suit?  What will he gain from winning?

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