Monday, April 18, 2011

A "twisted" weekend...

What a weekend!

I had big plans to get out of the house this weekend and check out the new area a bit.  Friday, I wasn't feeling very well, so we stayed in.  Saturday, we had yucky, overcast weather and I still wasn't feeling well, so we didn't go out to lunch.  I was thinking maybe Saturday night we could go out, until a little after 3:00pm.  The sky got dark, the rain began to pour in sheets, and the wind picked up until it became downright violent.  Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a freight train.  I looked at my husband and he looked at me.  A tree came down and we realized we were experiencing a tornado.

The tornado tore the roof off our local Lowe's home improvement store.  It flattened several houses and tore the tops off of trees.  A gas tank sprung a leak, closing down part of the road that runs near our house. One unlucky fellow pulled his car over by a treeline, hoping to wait out the storm.  Unfortunately, a tree fell on his car, killing him.  This happened within spitting distance of our house.

After the storm passed, the weather turned gorgeous and serene.

The power was out for about 26 hours.  We listened to the radio, picked up some of the debris around our house, and set up the porch swing and elliptical that had been lying around, waiting to be put together.  Our phone was also out of service.  Emergency vehicles blocked our road all night, but finally cleared out yesterday morning.

My husband had to wait until later to go to work because a curfew was imposed in our area.

The stranger thing was that my hometown a couple hundred miles away in Virginia was also severely affected by the storm.  The school where I attended 7th and 8th grades was pretty much obliterated.  The roof was ripped off and several buses were torn up.  Three people died.

The tornados were very much a freak thing...  They don't tend to happen in this part of the country.

Thankfully, things seem to be getting somewhat back to normal-- at least for us.  I feel so sorry for those who lost their homes in the storm... people who probably had the most to lose.

This was the scene where I live...

And this was the scene in my hometown...

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