Sunday, March 13, 2011

I hate moving.

So we're getting down to the wire on this move and last week, our landlord sent a property manager over to take pictures.  Now, mind you, I wasn't too wild about having my furniture in pictures of the house, but I cooperated because the landlords have been mostly okay to deal with.

The property manager, however, is a bit of a dipshit.  He made an appointment last week, then cancelled it at the absolute last minute.  Then a few days later, he called my husband and made another appointment with two hours notice.  My husband had to call me to ask if it was okay... then the guy was a half hour late getting here.

Yesterday, we were sitting on the deck and this asshole shows up unannounced.  Doesn't call or ring the doorbell.  He put one of those real estate lockboxes on the front door and a "for lease" sign at the end of the driveway.  We found them after he had already gone.  I was pretty pissed about that, since the man was supposed to give us notice before just showing up.  Plus, it didn't give me warm fuzzies to think about some guy putting a lock on the door without even mentioning it to us.

Then today, we get an unannounced visit from a family of four.  The property manager apparently told them that the house we're in is already vacant.  Since he was evidently here yesterday, he must have noticed that the place is still occupied.  And once again, no notice whatsoever!

We are making a trip to find a new house.  It really gives me the heebie jeebies to leave right now, knowing that strangers could be showing up while we're gone, peeping in our windows.  I just can't wait until all this crap is behind us and we're settled in our new place.

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