Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shit or get off the pot...

I figure it's time once again to rant about my online acquaintances.  There's a woman I "know" from one of my drama hangouts.  I've "known" her for years, but we've never met in person.

When I "met" her, she had an abusive boyfriend who treated her very badly.  She ranted about him regularly.  Her posts were often very intelligent and sometimes funny, but they were overwhelmingly negative.   After a couple of years, things got really bad and this chick decided to leave her boyfriend.  Beautiful.

Next, she got a job working for an abusive woman she dubbed "Miranda Priestly".  She worked like a dog for this woman, who treated her with nothing but disdain.  Finally, after months of being abused by old Miranda, she got fired.  And for the next two and a half years, this woman was looking for work.

I will be the first to admit that the job market sucks and has for a long, long time.  As this lady was looking for work, she continually complained about everything... job interviews, her neighbors, her landlord, her unemployment benefits, the fact that she has no car or decent clothes...

Finally, six months ago, she got a job.  For awhile, all was fine.  But then she started complaining about the job.  There was too much work.  The boss was a drunk.  The boss didn't want to let her have her lunch hour free so she could study for her graduate school program.  She was judged as uncooperative and unfriendly, and was treated badly.  Meanwhile, she's getting praise from other people who tell her they will happily hire her if she needs a job.

So now, she asks her online friends if she should cut bait and run.  We all said "yes", if you're being mistreated and are unhappy, start looking for a new job.  Otherwise, STFU.  One helpful poster even took some of what this woman had posted about others complimenting her and advised her to start there, looking for a new opportunity.  Another friend of mine told me she bet our mutual buddy would come up with some reason why she couldn't job hunt right now.  And lo and behold, that's exactly what happened.

My online friend's response was "Thanks, but I don't want to move.  It's too expensive and I don't know anyone there."

I think my friend is feeling a bit "risk aversive", which is totally understandable under the circumstances.  However, life is short and it's generally up to you to make your life a success.  Coming online to whine about your life is not going to solve your problems.

I think George Carlin says it best at 1:28 in this clip...

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