Saturday, February 5, 2011

Screech writes a book...

Remember Saved By The Bell?  I didn't actually see the show until I was in college. mainly because it debuted when I was a teenager and no longer watched Saturday morning TV.  Anyway, the show was corny as hell, but I watched it anyway because there was something about it that was kind of mesmerizing.

Years later, I saw Dustin Diamond, the guy who played "Screech", on Celebrity Fit Club.  He looked like he had become a complete asshole.  I was very surprised that he was on Celebrity Fit Club, too, because he had always been so scrawny on Saved By The Bell.

This clip made me realize that Screech had definitely grown up... and not into the nerdy but sweet character that was depicted on the show.  Dustin Diamond came off as a very angry individual indeed.

Well... I was curious about his book, Behind The Bell, so I ordered a used copy from Amazon.  It's full of piss and vinegar... profane language and vulgarity.... typos galore... lots of misogyny, too.  But interspersed within those bad things are elements of good.  There's trivia and a few interesting anecdotes.  Diamond is occasionally funny and I have read worse writing.

Overall, it's a pretty shitty book, though... and it's also pathetic, since Dustin Diamond seems determined to show everyone that he's a major stud having "banged" over 2000 women...

Way to ruin the Saved By The Bell fantasy, Screech...

You can find my full review of Behind The Bell on Epinions.

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