Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just got visited by the JWs...

It never fails.  The only time I haven't gotten a visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses was when my husband and I lived on a military post, where proselytizing is not allowed.  I doubt the JWs would bother military folks anyway, since they're anti-military.  Anyway, it seems like no matter where we are... from Armenia to Germany to the United States, we somehow manage to get a visit from the Witnesses.

I opened the door this morning and two well-dressed women stood before me.  One had a Watchtower in her hand, the other kind of held back.  The one with the Watchtower started talking about how I should be concerned about the government.  I said, "I'm really not interested in this."

The lady stopped and said, "Okay.  May I ask why?"

I said, "I'm just not interested."

With that, they turned and left.

My husband is former LDS.  Sometimes I wonder if I should hand them a Book of Mormon the next time they start their spiel.  I don't imagine my counter effort to proselytize would be welcomed.

I know part of their faith is to reach out and "witness" to others.  I do wonder, though, why some faiths think it's appropriate to invade someone's property uninvited and unannounced and start trying to change a person's religious beliefs.  It's the height of rudeness.  I doubt the JWs would like it if people did that to them.


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