Thursday, January 27, 2011

This morning's dream...

I think I have cruising on the brain.  This morning, I had sort of a bad dream.  It wasn't quite a nightmare, but it wasn't very pleasant, either.

I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship called Liberty of the Seas.  Oddly enough, I have only been on one Royal Caribbean ship-- Vision of the Seas.  But anyway, this time I was on Liberty of the Seas and there was a McDonald's on board.  I was feeling a bit grumpy for some reason.  The ship was very crowded and a bit trashy looking; it kind of reminded me of an airport or a shopping mall.  I ordered lunch and sat down at a table.  One of the McDonald's employees came up to me.  She was heavyset and had short, curly, grayish brown hair, but she didn't look to be very old.  She was wearing a uniform, and asked me if it would be okay if she sat with me.  I said no and she got very pissy.  I got up to walk away, and the manager came up and yelled at me for being mean to the McDonald's employee.  I shrugged and left the area.

Later, I was in a smoky, crowded bar, surrounded by trashy looking people.  I was sitting on a bar stool, trying to drink a beer, when ship employees started handing out karaoke books.  I happen to love a good karaoke session, so I was excited.  But then I realized that there was no way I'd ever get a chance to sing, because the crowd was so large and aggressive.  And some of them were pissed at me because I hadn't let the McDonalds employee sit with me when I was having lunch.  They were yelling at me.  I also recognized a guy I used to do karaoke with on a regular basis.  He was there to sing his usual Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffet hits.

So I left the bar area feeling very peeved and upset to be on this crowded, dirty ship full of hostile people.  I don't know why I was feeling this way.  The one cruise I had on Royal Caribbean was perfectly nice.  I would sail with them again if the price and the itinerary were right.  Of course, now I prefer to sail on SeaDream, where we spend big bucks, but get totally spoiled.

I think I've got cruising on the brain because I'm thinking about booking one for June 2012, when I turn 40.

ETA:  I just went back and read my post from New Year's Eve... I sense a dream theme.

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