Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and ice, oh my...

Our area got clobbered by an ice/snow storm the other day.  I've seen a lot of snow in my lifetime, but it's weird to get it in the Deep South.  Naturally, things in our area have come to a standstill.  There's been no mail delivery or pickup, kids are out of school, and my husband is home from work.  Actually, he went to work yesterday, but was on his way home by noon.  And a trip that usually takes about 45 minutes took over two hours.  It was pretty slow going since there were many accidents.

I actually told my husband that he should stay home yesterday, since I knew the roads were going to be wretched.  And when he came home, he said the place was deserted and he didn't get much done.  Today, our driveway is frozen solid, as are the local roads.  A couple of the interstates were actually closed.

This is what it looks like outside...  Stuff is slowly starting to melt, but I bet it'll still be yucky tomorrow.

It's nice to have my spouse home today, though...

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