Friday, January 7, 2011

I love trip planning...

Ever since last April, when my dear spouse and I cruised in the Caribbean on the SeaDream I, I've been hankering for another cruise.  This week, we finally booked one.  It doesn't depart until November, but it's still great to have something to look forward to... especially since the following months are probably going to be a bit stressful.

Our cruise is going to occur over our 9th anniversary and we'll be visiting ports we didn't see on our first SeaDream cruise.  I can hardly wait.  There is nothing like having a trip in the future to boost my spirits, even if I still have over 300 days to go.

Aside from that, not much exciting has been going on.  I've just been waiting for the Christmas bullshit to be over with, doing a lot of writing, and reading a lot of books.  I'm sort of wearily eyeing all the stuff I'm going to have to sift through as moving time gets closer.  But no one has gotten me riled up enough to post a rant...  at least not this week.  With that said, I'm sure my next meltdown is on the way.

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