Saturday, December 4, 2010

White Wine in the Sun...

If you've been reading my blog, you may already know that my husband is an ExMormon.  For that reason, I often hang out on the Recovery From Mormonism Web site.  Even if I weren't the wife of an ExMo, I would probably enjoy that site, just because the stories there are fascinating and they're basically a bunch of really good people, many of whom are hurting because of bad experiences with religion.

In any case, last Christmas, someone on the RfM board posted a YouTube video of a performance by the brilliant British born Australian singer songwriter Tim Minchin...  The song, entitled "White Wine In The Sun", is basically a secular Christmas song.  The lyrics are poignant and Tim Minchin sings it with such heart.  I'm not quite an atheist, but this song touches me every time I hear it.  So I figured it makes sense to blog about it.  I think Tim Minchin is a star who deserves a lot more air time.

Today, as I was choking up, listening to this beautiful song about the importance of family and the good things about the holiday season, I looked to see if Tim Minchin had any other brilliant songs on offer.  Lo and behold, I found one.  This one, called "Not Perfect", is yet another insightful song about how we all struggle with the painful feelings of inadequacy.  Looking at Tim Minchin, I get the feeling that he must have gone through his share of hard times to be able to come up with such poignant music.  I think hard times can be a refining process for some people, not unlike putting a beautiful but rough stone through the process of cutting, polishing, and setting before it turns into something gorgeous and valuable.

Sometimes you have to go through tough times and painful circumstances to come out stronger and more extraordinary...  When I listen to Tim Minchin's music, I'm always reminded of that.

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