Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weird things in my life at the end of 2010...

I originally posted this on Epinions, but I figure it belongs here, too...

I don't often feel the urge to write in Writer's Corner these days, but I've really had an odd week.  When you're a stay at home Army wife with no kids, odd weeks can be hard to come by.  Besides, I feel like writing, but don't quite have anything ready to review... so here goes.  

It's funny how things can change at the drop of a hat.  Last Monday, I was anticipating Christmas.  My husband was enjoying a fairly quiet week at work, finishing up the last tasks of 2010.  I was collecting stuff from FedEx, UPS, and the mailman, wrapping them up, and trying to shoo my beagle from unwrapping them before Christmas morning.  In one case, I failed and we exchanged one present to each other the week before the big day.

We knew we were going to be moving again in 2011, because the Army installation where my husband works is closing down.  But I wasn't quite prepared when dear spouse came home on Tuesday and told me that we were going to be moving in April... to North Carolina.  This is odd, not because we didn't, on some level, expect to move to Bragg, but because we currently live in a city by the same name in Georgia.  I also wasn't expecting to have to go in April.  I guess it's not a bad thing.  I prefer NC to DC... and maybe, just maybe, this will be the last time we have to move before my spouse retires.  But I ain't gonna bet on it.

The next weird thing that happened is that this week, my husband, who has consistently gotten excellent evaluations from his direct supervisors and recently made the DA select list to be promoted to Colonel, got some kind of *bs* evaluation letter from some board that obviously doesn't know him.  For some very strange reason, as of July 2010, this board had ranked my husband in the bottom third of all of the other people in his rank.  I wouldn't be mentioning this at all if I felt there were any merit whatsoever to this ranking.  All it proves to me is that there's at least one absolutely worthless level of the evaluation process for people in the military, especially since last year, the same board had placed dear spouse in the top tier.  That letter certainly makes the fact that we have had to move four times in the last four years--including overseas and back-- all the more embittering.  It really makes no sense at all, especially since the evaluation was done in July and he's just finding out about it December...  Merry Christmas, indeed.  Maybe it's a sign.

The next weird thing that happened has to do with Christmas.  I bought my husband a six quart Le Creuset stockpot to help him with his budding cooking skills.  When the box came from Cooking.com, it appeared to be very large for a stockpot.  But for some reason, I didn't open it to see what was inside.  I just wrapped it up and stuck it under the tree.  On Christmas morning, my husband unwrapped his gift and opened the box... and we found that instead of sending me one stockpot, Cooking.com sent me a case of stockpots.  Three of my friends will be the lucky recipients of the three surplus stockpots.

Then, on Christmas night, Georgia got snow.  Though I have lived abroad three times in places where a white Christmas would be expected, this year was, in fact, my very first white Christmas.  And it happened in Georgia, of all places!  The snow is an even bigger shock to me, given the fact that it was downright warm and humid just three days prior to the snow. 

And the final weird event of 2010 is that yesterday afternoon, my Aunt Nance died.  Nance was my dad's brother's wife.  She had been ill with Alzheimer's Disease and had grown frail and demented.  However, she was still living at home with her husband and one of her sons.  I saw her at Thanksgiving and she was wandering around the party, looking like she was having a pretty good time.  She stood next to me at one point and I commented that she was one of the very few people in the world I'm taller than.  She looked at me and said she was also skinnier than me, though "not by much".  Sadly, Nance had indeed grown very skinny at that point, but no one had bought her any smaller clothes.  They hung on her as if she were a hanger.  I had a feeling this might be the last time I'd see Nance alive, but I didn't guess she'd be leaving us in a matter of weeks.

When the phone rang yesterday at about 2:00pm, I could see it was another one of my aunts calling and I was surprised.  This particular aunt is more likely to email than pick up the phone.    Anyway, she told me that Aunt Nance had collapsed at home in her bathroom and was taken to a local hospital.  Her vital signs plunged in the early afternoon and she passed away at 1:00pm  Her death was not unexpected, but it was very sudden.  I found myself tasked with having to call my parents and sisters to give them the news.  My mom already knew about it, but my sisters were as surprised as I was.  I'm really going to miss my Aunt Nance.  She was definitely what you'd call a "character".  

I'm almost afraid to find out what kind of "WTF" moments the last week of 2010 has in store for me...  Maybe I'll end up pregnant... but that would be more like a miracle than a weird event

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