Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Voice of Reason strikes again...

Remember this post?

Well, Ms. Overly Helpful took it upon herself to open her big trap again.  A couple of days ago, I posted this...  We had a few days of animated discussion, then the thread had pretty much died down.  We were moving on to new topics when the Voice of Reason chimes in with (paraphrased)

knotty, it's understandable that you see this situation through the eyes of your husband's second wife.  Not all women are like his ex wife.  Many women are disadvantaged in a divorce.  For those women, Balance Point is a valuable service.

Well... that comment pissed me right the fuck off.  It's insulting on so many different levels.  First of all, I have never met Ms. Overly Helpful in person, so it surprises me that she thinks she can read my mind.  How does she know my opinion is solely based on the fact that I'm my husband's second wife?  And even if my opinion was based on that fact (for the record, it isn't), so what?  Secondly, I am pushing 40 years old.  If I don't know by now that not all women are like my husband's ex wife, I must not deserve the three college degrees I've earned.  Thirdly, of course I understand that sometimes women are disadvantaged in a divorce.  And the last statement is Ms. Overly Helpful's opinion and she's entitled to it.  Is there some reason why I'm not entitled to my opinion, even if it's not a popular viewpoint?

I had an interesting reaction to Ms. Overly Helpful's comments.  At first, I was pissed.  I was about to post a scathing remark, but then stopped and reconsidered.  The last time an incident like this occurred, I got pissy and sarcastic and Ms. Overly Helpful chastised me, then accused me of insulting her.  So this time, I turned my response into a joke.

To her comment about Balance Point being a valuable service, I said "You're certainly entitled to your opinion."

To the rest of her comment, I said, "And not only do you express your opinions clearly, you also express mine!  Wow!  It's nice to know there's someone on this messageboard who knows me so well that she can explain how and why I form opinions.  That's quite an impressive skill. ;-)"

And then I added, "BTW, thank you for telling me that not all women are like my husband's ex wife.  I will sleep better tonight knowing that."

I haven't bothered to go back to the board to see if she's responded.  Actually, I'm beginning to think maybe it's time I found some other place to spend my time... or maybe I should just find something better to do than have online conversations with insecure, condescending twatbags who feel the need to one up people all the time.  If I wanted to be treated like that, I'd call one of my sisters.

Fuck her.  Next time I want any more shit out of her, I'll squeeze her head.

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