Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A troubled mommy on Dr. Phil...

I don't usually get to watch Dr. Phil because I don't get television where I live.  Well... actually, we could get satellite TV, but the conditions for getting satellite service were too restrictive, so my husband and I chose to do without it.

Anyway, I probably wouldn't watch Dr. Phil on a regular basis because I don't like talk shows.  But I was alerted to a recent episode on a messageboard I frequent.  The episode, which aired November 17th, is about an Alaska woman with six kids, two of whom are seven year old twins from Russia.  The mom, whose name is Jessica, is shown on a shocking video disciplining her son for allegedly lying to her.  Jessica's methods are pouring hot sauce on the boy's tongue for lying and making him swish it around in his mouth, then putting the boy under a cold shower, all the while yelling at him while he screams.

To Jessica's credit, she is clearly a busy mom.  Her youngest child has Down's Syndrome and she did adopt her twin boys when they were older and perhaps had issues stemming from many things.  Besides the fact that they are older kids, they are also from another country where child welfare is not particularly high on the list of priorities.  It's quite possible that Kristoff, the young man who is the subject of the video, really is a handful.

Still, I can't help but be extremely shocked by what I saw in that video.  And I'm even more shocked that she allowed the video to be made and put on Dr. Phil.  If that's a true representation of what goes on in her home, I have to wonder what goes on behind closed doors and off camera.  My husband actually cried when I showed him that video.

Apparently, Jessica is at her wit's end with her child and doesn't know what to do with him.  Dr. Phil tells her that if she really is at her wit's end, she needs to give the child up...  I don't know if giving him up would truly be the best thing to do, but she clearly needs help dealing with that child and her own anger.

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