Thursday, November 18, 2010

Petty Epinions drama continued...

I've been gone for most of the week, so I haven't had the chance to follow up my last blog post.  It ended up being even more dramatic than I first thought it would be...

So, the crazy revenge rater gave me bad ratings on about 40 reviews.  Then she revenge rated everybody who rated her after I did.  Some people were a lot more willing to try to argue with her than I was.  To me, she just seemed like a nut, so I didn't engage her after rating three reviews and commenting.  Other people either engaged her in a mean way or tried to be friendly with her.  One guy, whom I will call Don Quixote (DQ for short) apparently really identified with the nut case and tried to stick up for her, even though it was very obvious that he had no idea what was going on.  She didn't revenge rate him, but she also didn't seem interested in pursuing a friendship.

Apparently, the friendly comments really got under another well-respected Epinions member's skin, so she wrote an open letter to all the "bleeding hearts" of Epinions.  Some people understood her point.  Other people were offended by it.  DQ jumped into the fray and tried to take on everybody, insisting that we were all just too mean to the new member/revenge rater.  I knew the revenge rater wasn't long for the Epinions world, so I didn't get involved.

Indeed, the revenge rater was finally axed from Epinions, once the work week got started.  It was easy to see that she had cause quite the fray on the site over the weekend and there were many complaints about her to the Epinions powers that be.  They kicked her off the site first thing Monday morning, Pacific time.

When DQ refused to let the incident go, I finally decided to comment again, since I was the one who inadvertently upset the revenge rater in the first place.  I explained what happened... letting him know that his little conspiracy theory wasn't based on facts, but DQ seemed to dismiss it.  He said he didn't need an explanation from me and apparently still refused to believe/understand what had actually happened.  DQ seemed hell bent on making the point that the revenge rater was being unfairly persecuted, when, in fact, she was just being an unreasonable bitch.

I had explained in my original post that after I explained how the ratings on Epinions worked, I decided not to engage the revenge rater, because she seemed irrational.  When DQ continued to push his ridiculous theories, I wrote "Whatever you say...  Then I'm through engaging you, too."

Now, I sort of meant that comment as a subtle hint that I didn't feel like arguing anymore.  But DQ didn't get the message... it apparently went right over his head, while another well respected member caught my meaning and left a hilarious but rude comment for DQ, who evidently got very upset about it...

The last time I checked, DQ was still whining about how he'd been "called" both a bleeding heart and dumb.  Actually, nobody flat out called DQ a bleeding heart... he self-identified with that moniker.  And no one directly called him dumb, either.  Again, he self-identified and got all offended about it.

Anyway, this dude found me on Facebook and tried to friend me.  I decided to remember what I had last said to him on the Epinions messageboard... that I was "through engaging him".  I think he's a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  His uninvited contact with me also unnerved my spouse.

Who needs friends in "real life" when you have weirdoes on the Internet?

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