Friday, November 19, 2010

More evangelical manipulation...

Remember this post?  Well, I got so worked up over LithodidMan's video that I posted about it on  The reason I decided to post about LithodidMan's experiences with a manipulative neighbor was because I thought a lot of the folks on that board could relate to it.  But, as it turned out, that post attracted someone who, interestingly enough, ended up incorporating the same techniques as LithodidMan's neighbor did.

First, this person took issue with the fact that I used the word "accosted" to describe LithodidMan's encounter with his neighbor.  When the poster on got upset over the use of that word, I took a moment to look it up on  Indeed, the very first definition of the word "accosted" was "to confront boldly".  As LithodidMan was minding his own business in his driveway and the uninvited neighbor approached him, I think the word "accosted" fits pretty well.

Next, the poster accused LithodidMan of having a potty mouth that he found offensive.  I directed the poster to my initial post, which included a warning about the swearing.  In fact, LithodidMan doesn't actually cuss until 7 minutes into the ten minute video, when he refers to his intrusive neighbor as a motherfucker.  Up until that point, all LithodidMan does is relate the story.

The poster later claims that LithodidMan bashes Christians.  But LithodidMan doesn't actually bash Christians.  He bashes the manipulative techniques his evangelical neighbor uses in order to get him to listen to his message.  In fact, the poster on engages in an attack when he accuses me of "being from Utah", an obvious assumption that I grew up Mormon (which I didn't) and am thus, closed-minded.  And yet, he accuses LithodidMan of bashing an evangelical Christian simply because LithodidMan wasn't interested in hearing the Christian's message.  Interesting...    

So then the poster accuses LithodidMan as being averse to a free exchange of ideas.  He calls him a "wimp".  I took issue with the poster's need to engage in name calling and ad hominem attacks.  The poster claims that he laughed at the fact that I considered his use of the pejorative term "wimp" name calling.  Then he uses sarcasm in a lame effort to diminish my point.

It dawned on me that this fellow was using a lot of the very same techniques on me that LithodidMan's neighbor used.  I'm not sure what his goal is...  does he think he's going to change my mind?  Does he think by claiming that I'm rude, closed-minded, and anti-Christian, I'm going to feel apologetic and acquiesce to his myopic viewpoint?

I finally told the guy that I thought I'd more than made my point.  If he doesn't get it now, he never will.  He's not going to change my mind and I don't really give a shit about changing his.  So I suggested that we "agree to disagree".   I don't know if that will get him to back off, but I've about had it with the Internet based nutcases this week.

ETA:... Unbelievably enough, the guy later came back and asked me to tell him how I share my faith...  Some people really do need a house to drop on their heads.  I told him I thought we'd beaten that dead horse long enough.

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