Thursday, October 21, 2010

Debt collections... must be the shittiest job, ever!

Lately, I've been getting a lot of phone calls for a woman named Wanda Knight.  I don't know a Wanda Knight, but apparently she's pissed off a bunch of creditors and given them my phone number.  I've had this number for over a year and the calls just recently started.  But boy, are those bill collectors persistent... and they flat out REFUSE to believe that I don't know Wanda or some guy named Richard (?)

The calls started a few weeks ago.  I'd get an automated message on my machine from some credit card company.  The funny thing is, the message would advise me that if I wasn't Wanda, I should find her and get her to answer the phone.  And if I was Wanda, I should pick up the phone and listen to the message, since it concerned a private and potentially embarrassing matter.  If they'd called the wrong number, I had to call them back and leave a message.

I finally called the number and left a message, asking these people to take my number out of their database, since I'm not who they're looking for.  Those phone calls stopped.

But then I started getting calls from some woman in Spearfish, South Dakota.  One day, she called and left an exasperated message on my machine for "Wendy".  She said she was "running out of time and options to help Wendy" and Wendy needed to call her back so they could straighten this matter out.

The next time she called, I answered the phone.  The same lady asked for Wanda Knight.  I told her she had the wrong number and explained that I had gotten a lot of calls for Wanda, but Wanda must have given the wrong number.  The lady asked me if I knew Wanda.  I said no.  She asked me if I knew a guy named Richard Stevens.  I said no.  Then she said she'd talked to Wanda at this number on October 5th.  I explained that I'd had this number for over a year and if she'd talked to Wanda, it couldn't have been through my phone number.

So then the lady recited the number.  I told her she had the number right, but that there was no Wanda or Richard here.  She had the wrong number and I didn't want to hear from her again.  She apologized and hung up.

So today, I saw the telltale Spearfish, South Dakota number on my caller ID.  I picked up.  The lady on the other end of the phone asked for Wanda Knight.  I told her Wanda didn't live here.  She asked me again if I knew Wanda or Richard.  I said no.  We went through the whole spiel again and she apologized and hung up.

I'm sure this particular debt collector is just trying to make a living.  She's not been totally rude or offensive, except for the fact that she keeps calling me.  I'm sure it sucks to have to do collections calls.  But it also sucks to be on the receiving end of them, especially when you're not the one who owes.

I hope this chick finds Wanda soon and leaves me alone...


  1. we kept getting those for hubs ex-wife and his son. So aggravating., YEARS of them calling us, and me telling them the same shit over and over, until I finally said if they don't stop calling us, I am getting an attorney. Never got another call again.

    1. We don't have a landline in Germany. No more issues.


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