Saturday, September 18, 2010

Octomom is in the news again...

Apparently, she's considering going on welfare.  We knew this was coming, of course.  Single mom plus six kids at once plus eight more kids at once equals no money.  It appears to me that she totally did this so she could make money by exploiting her kids.  But things haven't turned out the way she planned and now her children are paying the price.   

I feel so sorry for her kids.  The youngest ones aren't even at toddler stage yet and things have fallen apart.  I fear that they'll all eventually end up in foster care, separated from each other.  And Octomom no doubt will try to appeal to the public, emotionally blackmailing them to keep watching her, lest the children end up apart.  In the era of supersized families, a la The Duggars, I can imagine some misguided people would find separating the kids tough to swallow... even if it happens to kids in smaller families all the time.

I don't think Nadya Suleman is above emotionally blackmailing anyone who will listen to her.  And I can totally see her making some kind of plea to the public to help keep her family together.  Sadly, there are probably people out there in America who will fall for it and fund her craziness. 

Her lawyer, Jeff Czech, is a sleazebag who apparently only cares about making money.  I know a lot of people think all lawyers are sleazebags who only care about money... I have a few friends who are lawyers and have scruples.  Shit... at least he's honest about being a sleazebag.   

What a tragedy for those poor kids... and to think there are people like me out there who would love to have just one child.

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