Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christian Domestic Discipline...

Ever heard of this?  A lot of people are into discipline and people exchanging power in their relationships.  They do it because they get a charge out of it, not because they necessarily believe it's the right way to live.  I was doing some reading today about a people who are involved in Christian Domestic Discipline.  That is, they engage in domestic discipline not because it turns them on, but because they truly believe that the man should be the head of the household and his wife should be subservient to him.  They base their beliefs on the Bible, which in certain verses, prescribes that men and women live in traditional roles. 

In a CDD relationship, the man is allowed to spank or otherwise discipline his wife if she's disobedient, disrespectful, dishonest, or engages in dangerous behavior.  A Web site I found even details how a man can discipline his wife and subdue her if she protests.  This same site explains that the relationship ought to be consensual, and I guess if a woman chooses to stay with a man who spanks her when she's bad, that's her choice.   The man who runs the site also contends that the reason marriages are falling apart is because men have lost the power in their homes and rampant feminism is ruining everything.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, I can see how some people might feel safe and secure in such a partnership.  And if someone consents to living such a lifestyle and it doesn't affect me personally, I shouldn't give two shits about it.  On the other hand, I happen to know for certain that most men are not mature enough to handle such a relationship.  Likewise, a lot of women aren't mature enough to handle it either...  and the irony is, those that are mature enough probably don't need to be "taken in hand" in the form of a CDD relationship.  They are wise enough to govern themselves.

Still, that site offers some very interesting reading... there's everything from the theory behind the CDD movement to how to properly administer a spanking to your wife.  It might provide for some food for thought and good discussion with your mate.     


  1. The fact that you say that men and women are too immature to handle this kind of relationship is very poignant.
    I think the very essence of domestic discipline is to help each other mature.
    The wife helps her husband grow, and mature, and learn just how capable and responsible he really is. How does she do this? She doesn't nag, she doesn't belittle, and she doesn't disrespect him.
    A man's ego is a very gentle thing. As his wife listens to him, and lets him create the homestead for her, she is actually helping him become a better man.
    Women are immature too- I recognize that, because I am one. When I disrespect my man, or tell him he's wrong, or when I'm just a brat, I make him feel like he isn't worth my time. That in itself is immature.
    Instead of either of us yelling, loosing tempers, storming out, discipline can be administered in love. I would much prefer for my man to turn me over his leg and make my ass hurt temporarily, than have him leave, or break my heart after yelling at me.
    The most important thing a woman could do, is find a man who truly, madly, deeply, loves her, listens to her, and will protect her. A woman who is submissive to her husband is by no means a doormat. She speaks with her husband, and gives him ideas- so that when decisions are made she is one half of the discussion. When she leaves the final say to him, she gives him power through her trust, and love, and her help, with out hurt feelings, and with out dissension.

  2. Thanks for your very interesting perspective on CDD. A lot of people read this particular post, but as you can see, you're the first one who has been brave enough to comment.

    Personally, I find DD very intriguing, but it's the kind of relationship that requires a lot of commitment from both parties to succeed well.


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