Friday, September 10, 2010

ANTM... back on the air again

So, now that Army Wives and America's Got Talent are pretty much over for the summer, I can take some solace in knowing that at least I can watch America's Next Top Model.  With every new cycle, I find new reasons to think Tyra Banks is the biggest narcissist on television.  But I have to admit, the drama is usually pretty compelling.  The first episode aired last night.  I think it's gonna be a fun time watching. 

One chick already got into trouble because she had the audacity to write in her diary (apparently her diary wasn't private property) that she didn't want to be in a room with a black girl.  The black girls saw the diary entry and raked the poor girl over the coals for it.  If I had been that chick, I think I would have been equally pissed that they were pawing through my things... 

I watch this stuff and thank God I'm not 20, tall, skinny, and wanting to be a model, courtesy of ANTM.  Talk about drama.

Desperate Housewives is coming on the air soon, too... Can't wait for that! 

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