Friday, August 20, 2010

Wasted time...

There's an old song by The Eagles called "Wasted Time".  That could probably be the title for a book about my life, especially over the past few years.  I feel like I waste a lot of time. 

For a long time, I resisted joining Facebook, because I didn't want some other Web site to monopolize my attention.  But I had an old friend who kept goading me to try it and I did.  Next thing I knew, all these people I used to know in high school, college, the Peace Corps, and grad school started coming out of the woodwork.  It was kind of nice to see some of them and compare lives... which I guess is what Facebook's purpose boils down to, anyway.  We all want to see who puts out the most interesting image of their life.

Facebook can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a huge time waster.  For not long after I got on Facebook, I found myself sucked into some of the games on that site.  I'm down to just three now... with an occasional fourth.  I used to play Mafia Wars religiously, but sort of lost interest in it.  I haven't given up on Farmville or Frontierville yet.  Lately, Hooves of Fire has most of my attention.

Beyond Facebook, I hang out on YouTube, Epinions, Associated Content, Helium, and a site that splintered off from Second Wives Cafe.  Actually, I want to make a special mention of Second Wives Cafe.  I used to be a fairly dedicated member of that site, but left it some years ago.  Let's just say I got too hooked on the drama and compromised more of my status as an adult than I would have liked.  The funny thing is, I was pretty addicted to SWC, but once I got off of it, I found I didn't miss it that much.  I found a group of other ladies that I enjoyed more than the group at SWC.  I like not being censored and hanging out with people who don't have quite so much drama in their lives.

So, aside from posting on my blog, which for all I know, nobody actually reads, I spend a lot of time twiddling my thumbs and thinking.  Thinking about wasting more time.

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