Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr. Laura's racist rant...

I never listen to Dr. Laura, but an online friend of mine linked to a blog about a recent show she did.  A black woman married to a white man called Dr. Laura's show looking for help in dealing with her husband's apparent racial insensitivity.  Dr. Laura didn't even give this poor woman a chance to state her problem in full.  She immediately jumped on the caller's back, accusing her of "having a chip on her shoulder", then launched into a tirade about how black comics on HBO use the word "nigger" at will.  Then she connected all of this to the fact that Obama is president.

I read the transcript of this conversation, then listened to a recording of it.  And I wonder how it is that anyone who calls up Dr. Laura thinks she will help them. Clearly her show is all about ratings and getting people so pissed off and outraged that they'll listen just for that reason.  If she were any less offensive, she would be out of a job. 

I suspect that a lot of people are going to be talking about this... or maybe they won't.  Maybe I have overestimated Dr. Laura's impact on popular culture.  But I already posted it on Facebook and it's gotten a heated response. 

Here's the link...

And here's my take on the whole issue...

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