Saturday, August 7, 2010

Been watching a lot of YouTube...

Some time ago, I discovered Weird Wilbur on YouTube.  I quickly became a fan of his because I love his ribald sense of humor and his very funny music.  Lately, Wilbur has been on a vendetta against the CPS.  His grandchildren were taken from their parents.  I suspect they were taken for a number of reasons.  Don't know how how valid CPS's case is... I do know that I like Wilbur, though, and I empathize with him for going through what he's going through.  It must be devastating.

So anyway, today I was watching one of Wilbur's videos and there was a suggestion to watch another video.  This one was by a guy who was pissed off about people who were posting hateful videos about the CPS.  It seems his significant other is a child welfare worker and he knows for a fact that she's not a child molester/pervert/murderer etc.  He was cussing a lot, very upset that the anti-CPS folks wanted to see his lady friend dead.  I guess I can't blame him for being upset about that.

For the record... I happen to agree with the dude who says not all CPS workers are bad.  I say this because I very nearly became one of those folks myself.  I have a master's degree in social work and, right after I graduated, I was offered a job doing child welfare.  I turned it down for a lot of reasons.  I do think it's a necessary job.  I also think it's a difficult and thankless job.  But it's a job that requires a certain type of person in order to do it properly.  In my heart of hearts, I knew I wasn't the right kind of person.  I also knew that it was a job I would truly hate... the kind of job that is very powerful, but very stressful.  I knew that every day I went to work, I would feel like throwing up.  I knew that on the way home from work, I'd feel like crying.

In retrospect, it wouldn't have worked out anyway.  Thanks to my husband's job and the fact that we move a lot, I doubt I would have gotten far in the field of child welfare.  I wouldn't have made much money.  About all I would have gotten out of that job, if I was lucky, was a license to practice social work and perhaps a few contacts.  I would have also made a lot of enemies.

I guess it's just safer to be an overeducated housewife...  God forgive me for that.

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