Monday, August 23, 2010

Army Wives... a show that has totally jumped the shark!

So, I just watched the season finale of Lifetime's Army Wives.  I've really had my ups and downs with that show.  When it premiered in the summer of 2007, I was living in Virginia on an Army post.  I wasn't that excited about the show because I thought it would be unrealistic and moronic.  But then I ended up liking it, even though facets of it actually were unrealistic and moronic.

Then we moved and I watched the next two seasons of Army Wives from abroad.  The plot lines got to be more ridiculous and far-fetched.  The characters started to grate on my nerves.  But I kept watching, even though Kim Delaney's lips were starting to take on a life of their own and Sally Pressman's Alabama accent grew more and more obnoxious... and what'shisname who plays Trevor became more irritating because he was so annoyingly earnest.  Every season ended with a cliffhanger that I had to wait almost a year to see get resolved.

Now season 4 has just ended.  And all the loose ends are tied up... I'm thinking that maybe there won't be a season 5 and I'm not that upset about it.  Last night's episode was basically full of quick and ridiculous plot twists, everything from General Holden being captured, beaten up a little, and then rescued by Delta Forces, to Emmalin graduating high school, to Joan being cleared for duty again, to Denise pushing out a baby daughter, to Jeremy, former mom beater, getting engaged... to Pamela either marrying Chase again or becoming a cop in Atlanta, a la Cagney and Lacey...

It seems like every season, I'm more and more disappointed.  Lifetime either needs to can that show, or get some decent writers.

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