Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Armadilloes and flight attendants who freak out...

So today, I read a little more about the Jet Blue flight attendant who freaked out because some woman who couldn't wait for the plane to stop taxiing was getting her bag out of the overhead bin before the plane stopped.  Evidently, when the flight attendant asked her to sit down, she told him to fuck off.  So he got on the intercom and started spewing obscenities, then grabbed a beer from the beverage cart, deployed the emergency chute, and escaped the aircraft.  He was later arrested.

Let me just say that I actually do feel kind of sorry for the flight attendant, even though he lost his cool and could have potentially killed someone by deploying the emergency chute.  I have worked with the public before and it's a very tough job.  And I have to admit to finding this story kind of funny.  It's sort of the stuff of fantasy, if you've ever had some jackass customer treat you like dirt.  It happened to me many times, especially when I waited tables.  In fact, there are a few customers I waited on for whom I still have a lot of contempt. 

On the other hand... maybe it's not so funny that people are celebrating what this guy did.  He could have hurt or killed someone by going down the chute.  Now he's getting fifteen minutes of fame and people are already starting to shout "Free Slater" and he's even got a fan page on Facebook.  It's amazing what will make someone famous in America, even if it is for fifteen minutes.

In other news... I saw an armadillo today, up close and personal.  The varmint wandered into our front yard, making our dogs freak out.  I grabbed a camera and got a video, since I'm so used to seeing them dead on the side of the road.  Not being from this far south, I'm not accustomed to running into armadilloes...


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