Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our waterfall and pond died...

Our house has a little manmade pond and waterfall outside.  I think the people that own this house had fish in it at one time, but don't anymore.  I know some frogs live in it and it serves as a pretty garden spot.  The gentle water sounds also make the place a little more peaceful.

Yesterday, I noticed I couldn't hear the sound of rushing water.  Usually, that means I just need to unplug the waterfall, reset the outlet, and plug it back in.  But when we tried doing that yesterday, the waterfall still didn't turn on.  We started hunting for some electric boxes to see if there was a circuit breaker that needed to be thrown.  My dear spouse opened one box to be confronted by a big nest of paper wasps.

Maybe the pump has died... Maybe one too many wasps got into the wiring.  Maybe we're just unlucky, but the pond and waterfall are definitely dead right now.  This is a bad thing, because the water is stagnant and stinks and makes for a fabulous place for mosquitoes to breed.

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