Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Novica.com... my favorite cash drain

A few years ago, my dear spouse surprised me with an anniversary gift purchased from Novica.com.  Knowing I love the color blue, he bought me a lapiz lazuli bracelet that was made by an artisan in the Andes.  The bracelet came in a little velvet pouch and was wrapped beautifully.  The artisan had included a post card with a thank you note.

Years later, I've gotten on a Novica kick again.  It started when I was looking for clothes for the cruise we took in April.  I found a beautiful modal dress made in Bali and Java, as well as a top from Thailand and a skirt from India.  Unfortunately, the skirt never got to me because it was backordered and the artisan couldn't restock in time.  But I did love the other things I got, which always came to me wrapped like a present.  So far, I've purchased items from each of the regions represented by Novica.  Yesterday, I got two sculptures made in Ghana-- one of a horse's head and the other of an elephant's head.  They are beautifully made and really add a lot to our decor.

A couple of months ago, I got some gorgeously made hand blown martini glasses from Mexico that I use for margaritas.  I loved them so much that I bought tequila glasses and a sangria pitcher from the same artisan.  I also bought a pearl necklace from Brazil.

Novica is run by National Geographic.  Maybe for that reason, the pictures on the Web site are so inviting and enchanting.  It's definitely hard to resist buying stuff.  Luckily, everything I've bought from Novica has pleased me greatly and is very high quality.

I know I should be shopping in America, but Novica sure makes it easy for me to support artisans abroad.

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