Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hubby's birthday...

It doesn't seem like it's hubby's birthday because we did most of our celebrating several days ago.  But today, he's 46 years old.  In many ways, though, he seems younger to me than he was when I met him.

Last night, my husband came home and cooked a wonderful meal of grilled scallops and shrimp.  He made a delicious spinach salad with bits of applewood smoked bacon.  To top it all off, there was a fantastic rice mix with wheatberries.  When I met my husband, he was a good but very limited cook.  Now he's trying all kinds of new things in the kitchen and really enjoying himself.  He's learning that he can do things he was always discouraged from doing before.

I'm very proud and happy to be a part of my husband's better life.  I know the next forty years will be the best. 

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